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Your experts for crisis management in the aviation sector


Why we stand out

Global Expertise 

Our trainings combine the experience of experts from different countries to cover a wide range of scenarios. In this way, we ensure comprehensive preparation for potential crises.

Specialized Emergency Competence

This segment focuses on the management and response to aircraft crashes, including rescue operations and effective communication in emergency situations.

Customizable Training Options

With a variety of learning methods - from classroom to web-based training - we adapt to the needs and schedules of the participants.

Practice-oriented Solutions

Our courses in crisis event management teach tried-and-tested strategies. Participants learn how to make clear decisions under pressure and lead teams effectively.

Intercultural Competence

By collaborating with trainers from different cultures, participants expand their intercultural competence, which is essential for global assignments.

Risk mitigation through early detection

Crisis prevention training raises awareness of warning signs and helps identify potential risks early, reducing the likelihood of incidents.

Training Services

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Offline Courses and Workshops

As a professional aviation training provider, the International Crisis Academy delivers tailored classroom training and workshops.

These sessions also incorporate tabletop exercises, specifically designed to address the distinct requirements and challenges faced by participants.

By adopting an interactive approach, the Academy enables practical application of necessary skills within a secure environment, thereby enhancing retention and skill development.

Through collaborative problem-solving during these exercises, participants gain better preparedness for real-life crises.

ICA instructors provide valuable guidance and feedback that enhances their students' professional knowledge and insights!

Online Training Courses and Classes

International Crisis Academy provides customized online training and classes, tailored to meet clients' specific needs.

Our personalized approach ensures that participants receive relevant and up-to-date information applicable to their roles and tasks.

Our online training reduces costs and logistical challenges for both our clients and the Academy.

Online classes promote engagement and enable real-time feedback and collaboration among participants from diverse geographic locations.


Web-Based E-Learning at Glance

Together with our partner STI, we have put all the relevant trainings together on one single platform:

Operating in an airport, an airline, or providing security services? We offer you the perfect customized solution, so your employees get trained whenever and whoever they are.

Beginners or experts, they only need a laptop, and can train whenever they want, wherever they are.

Training Courses

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Crisis Preparedness

  • Process & Guideline Management
  • Establishing a Training Organization
  • Tabletop Exercises and Drills
  • How to Manage Partial and Full-Scale Exercises
  • Airport Cyber Security –  Overview
  • Cyber Resilience – Implementation Guide


Crisis Prevention

  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Airport Emergency Management



Crisis Incident Management

  • Incident Command
  • Command and Control Post Module 1, Basics
  • Command and Control Post Module 2, Operating
  • Command and Control Post Module 3, Managing


  • Aircraft Crash Response

    • Setup of Family Reception Center
    • Operation of Family Reception Center
    • Airline Station Crisis Management Overview
    • Airline Crisis Management Center Handling
    • Regulation & SARPS for Airline Emergency Management
    • Aircraft Accident Investigation



Company Motivation

We are always challenging the status quo and approaching everything with an innovative mindset.



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Thomas has conducted a tabletop exercise in a scenario involving a major air crash in a large airport. This was easily one of the finest exercises that I have attended in my long career as an aviation emergency response specialist. The skillful use of some very innovative training aids combined with an imaginative scenario brought the event to life, raised a lot of discussion among the participants and highlighted aspects that we were quite unaware of. Moreover, his very impressive personality, fluent expression, and thorough knowledge of the subject clearly showed his calibre as an instructor.

Colonel (Veteran) Shivaji Ghosh, 


I’ve worked with him for several years now regarding Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) at aerodromes as well as Aerodrome Emergency Planning (AEP) and Emergency Response Plans (ERP), implementing ICAO Annex 14 and EC Regulation 216/2008 at international aerodromes. Thomas is a great innovation driver and always was very supportive. 

Andreas Herndler

Andreas Herndler,                                              Crisis Manager at Austrian Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Hi had the chance to work with Thomas for an important and innovative project. He was full of passion and energy making happen what was not possible before. Problem solving, long term vision and customer experience in mind.

Euginio Filoni, Group Key Accounts Director at Gruppo Cimbali SpA

About us


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Our Company

A unique company founded with a passion for business excellence, International Crisis Academy (ICA)  has started to become a household name, known for its groundbreaking services.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, ICA is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform the way people best handle crisis.

Together with our partners worldwide we 

  • are specialized in safety- and security-related services
  • serve partners and customers in the fields of Aviation, Supply Chain, Industry, Critical Infrastructure & Maritime
  • have decades of experience and expertise in Training, Coaching and Consulting
  • got references around the globe

Our Team

 Experts in Crisis Management

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Monica Maccaferri

Senior Instructor for Family Assitance


Monica Shetty

Senior Instructor for Airline Crisis Management


Dr. Dirk Klann

Responsible for Cyber Security

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